3D Model Loader Extension

You need an OBJ file to load the model.

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ok i have donwloaded one

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Can anybody send an aia file using this extension

Why? You already have demos in the previous posts. Isn't that enough?

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i have but there is an error see this:-
How could i resolve this error??

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You are not using an absolute path. To get the absolute path from the assets, please read this.

After that, jump to post #27 and see.

Add other file types e.g. STL, 3mf :smiley::+1:

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TaifunTools extension has a method that returns the pathToAssets actually.

your contribution actually does not help, because that method pathToAssets is only relevant for the webviewer component (read the documentation!) ... and nowadays we have http://localhost/ for that...



Hello Kumaraswamy, any update about the version 2. Eagerly waiting for a positive reply. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Unfortunately i lost the source code, you can DM me if you would like me to work for me commercially.

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Can you Please send me that designer page ?

I have this type of error anyone can explain me how to resolve this?

It's been a long time and I have no idea what you're talking about anymore.
Which designer page?

See also post #27.

In this image How to write the ASD_absolutePath ? how to enable this ?

This gives me an "Error: undefined", and I'm not sure why.
I've attached the full aia file.

If I disable the block in the screenshot and enable the disabled initialize block, the image successfully loads using the full filepath, so I think that my filepath is correctly pointing at my assets.
Model3D.aia (2.1 MB)

@Kumaraswamy Really interesting. Is it possible to make this 3d model rotate using an accelerometer or inclinometer?

Hi, that should be possible but the extension does not implement those features to do so.

its an excellent work!!! A++

As a professional 3D dessigner; *.3mf (Printers) and *.3dm (Rhino) Also are a very useful formats.