3 layer multi listpicker

i want to build a multi layer listpicker
how can i build it work like pick "H&K" > "Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital" then show the last result as "SWHAD"

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here is an example for a nested listpicker
How to create a nested listpicker
you might want to adjust it to your needs


here is the 2 layer listpicker, can i build a 3 layer listpicker? or only 2 layer, after i chose the hospital, show the designated ambulance depot
e.g. H&K > Ruttonjee Hospital show MHAD/AbdAD
NT > Yan Chai Hospital show TWAD/TYAD/LMSAD/KCAD

yes you can, but using lists it will be probably too complicated, maybe @ABG does have a more complex example?

my suggestion is to use sqlite and upload your data into a table there
then you can have a select statement after selecting a region (H&K, NT) like this

SELECT hospital from myTable WHERE region = <Listpicker.Selection>

and after picking a hospital

SELECT ambulanceDepot from myTable WHERE hospital = <Listpicker.Selection>

to access the sqlite database there are extensions avaiulable, for example this one


For this problem I recommend a fully denormalized table (list of lists) with four columns:

  • H&K / NT (I don't have a name for these)
  • Hospital Name with A&E Department
  • Designated Ambulance Depot for Disinfection (one depot per row)
  • Restrictions

and 38 rows, one row per combination.

Here is a sample project that has value procedures to filter tables. The value procedures can be piped together for successive restrictions.

Here are some notable procedures (draggable) relevant to your problem:

Sample usage:

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