3 dots menu on each screen

Hi guys, I already found some posts about 3 dots menu but some are old and some do no cover what I think is not so nice to see.

  1. When I do not need any menu I would like to hide or disable 3 dots menu. Is it possible without hiding the title?
  2. I already designed some apps using custom sidebars and menus so I have a couple of working solutions when I need them but I am curious if there is an update about how to use the menu and how link something to the settings option (the only one I see clicking on the 3 dots).
  3. At least is it possible to disable and hide the settings option?

i think you can't disable the 3 dots menu
but you can disable the title, and create your own customized title
looks like this AIA File
CustomTitle.aia (1.3 KB)


Yes, because in mit app inventor companion, setting option opens the other screen
But I don't know how to do it, ask @ewpatton

Setting option Only shows on companion, But Not On compiled app

I hope I could help

Regards, Alireza Sharifi

The 3 dots menu is theme dependent - if you don't want it, use the 'Classic' theme.

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