24Game Test your knowledge of mathematics

24 game is a mathematics game of ancient Japanese origins recreated in appinventor2 Blocks

GamePlay is fun and captivating with animations and sounds

The "24 Game" is a simple game. You are given four numbers between 11 and 99 (for example {1,3,4,2}) and your objective is to find an expression that evaluates to 24. The rules are fairly simple:

  • each given number must be used exactly once;
  • the only operations available are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division;
  • operations may be used repeatedly or not at all;
  • operation precedence can be manipulated by the use of parentheses;
  • no "clever tricks" should be used, only simple arithmetic.


If the given numbers are {1,3,4,2}, an answer could be

  • (1x3)x(4x2)

If the given numbers are {4,5,7,8}, an answer could be

  • 4+5+7+8

For those interested for aia file, contact me via PM


Hi, nice work. In your description you have multiple times used repeated values. That could be misleading for the readers on what to do. I guess you should edit your post.

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Thanks for report It Peter.


The four numbers are randomly chosen from game engine in a range between 11 and 99

you mean 1 to 9?

In reality the game engine releases a string in a range between 1111 and 9999 avoiding the 0, which is then split into 4 single numbers

that's why you need to correct this:

It's reality a very big difference :rofl:

Wonderful game

Could yo please send me the .aia file?
Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Read the first post

Thank youuuu

ciao Marco, contattarti via PM?
PM sta per...?
(scusa l'ignoranza :slight_smile: