2 right answers to 1 question in textbox based quiz (quiz Screen has 1 question already displayed as an image)

Hi everyone!

I need some help with a quiz I am coding.

I have a screen with an image displaying a question, and I want to allow a person to type an answer (I don't want to reveal the question through App Inventor codes; I only have an image showing the question; for design purposes). Two answers may be correct.
How can I solve this issue? Do I still need to create a list with one question and two answers? Or do I have to incorporate "truefalse" variables?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Not totally understand what you want.
What have you done?designer view and blocks view.

Hi, thanks for your reply!
I basically want to show an image (with a question) and let write the answer in a text block.
Only two answers can be right (because of the spelling) and I don't know how to programme it.
I've tried with making a list, but I'm not sure how to handle it since I have one question with two possible answers and now I'm just confused.

Here you can see my designer view and blocks view of what I've done so far, but this code doesn't work, it only shows "wrong" and not "correct, good job" as I've programmed it, even if I write the answer right.

IF OR (COMPARE TEXT TextAnswer.Text = "Observation wheel",COMPARE TEXT TextAnswer.Text = "Ferris wheel" )

IF IS IN LIST (TextAnswer.Text, MAKE A LIST("Observation wheel", "Ferris wheel"))

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Could you pls show or tell me all the blocks used ?

blocks already in CAPTICAL

Thank you so so much, it worked!

Now I have another issue: Where should I put the blocks "upcase" and "trim" if I want that however the answer is written (in capital letters or not or with space before or after the answer) it is still right?

IF IS IN LIST (UPCASE(TextAnswer.Text), MAKE A LIST(UPCASE("Observation wheel"), UPCASE("Ferris wheel")))

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so helpful, thanks! I'm still a beginner, so thanks!

You only get 10 screens, so learn how to use lists and how to reuse a screen.

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