2 of the same apps not working the same

I have 2 students who made an app together on 2 computers for Project 1.1.6, and the apps are not working the same. When they touch an imagesprite in 1 app it shows another picture as it is supposed to, and with the other app it doesnt show it. I have had 4 different sets of eyes on every detail of the design view and block view to ensure that is identical, and it is. What am I missing, and/or how can I correct this?


Can you share the aia project that doesn't work ? Or show the relevant blocks?

I will try to get it posted when the student sends it to me, hopefully today, if not monday since that class just ended

Did you check that on the same device (Android version)?
Which Android version?

How could you check that without aia (APK)?

I did with same device. My iphone as well as 1 of our android tablets in class

Is one project attempting to display on an ios device and the other on an Android? Is the problem device the ios?

Run the aia that is working on one device on the 'other' device. (share the aia that is working with the other student) What happens?

CSE_116_SC_InteractiveZs_1angelina.aia (1.0 MB)

I have both files on both an ios and an android. The file i posted isnt showing the morning picture when you click on the images. The other aia file does show it. Both on ios and android

My guess is that the problem lies with the Table Arrangement (it has some long standings bugs with regard to displaying items) Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Move all your canvases out of the table arrangement and set the screen to scrollable and then you should find that the images will appear as required.

Use vertical and horizontal arrangements to simulate the table arrangement layout.


It might be because that canvases named sad and stars are on the same place