2 bugs that appear to be system bugs

Hi - I am trying to teach 5 girls app programming. 3 of them are up and running, but the other 2 are having problems that I cannot resolve and that appear to be some type of system bugs. Both are on windows 10 machines. Attached are 2 jpgs that show the problemSlide1|690x388

Hmm - I can only see the 2nd slide - I will try to upload the first again

OK - that worked

Can you shed any light on these issues?

This might be due to an oversized asset.
How big is the Media file codi.jpg ?

Posting the exported .aia files of the projects in question here will speed up diagnosis.

For Rijuta's problem upgrading the Companion, be sure to drag the emulator window to the side to see if the AI2 browser window has popped up a confirmation prompt.

On closer examination of Rijuta's error messages,
it looks like Rijuta lost connectivity to MIT from her emulator.

Hey thanks - I will do these things but it will be in slow motion because the girls are not here - I have to do most instruction over the internet, which makes things difficult.

Regarding your comment about Rijuta's problem, this same sequence and message appears every time, so it is not a one-off loss of connection - is there some reason why the server would always disconnect?

unless she did something I dont know about, this is the extremely simple bee buzz program - I briefly saw her code during our videocon and it looked ok

This is usually because a firewall is preventing the emulator.exe program from making outgoing connections. She may need to have a parent adjust the firewall settings to include an exception for emulator.exe in order to perform the update.

OK, I will ask about that - thanks

Which girl were you referring to? Rijuta?

My apologies. Yes, I was referring to Rijuta's situation with the emulator. The unknown host exception is usually because the program is blocked from accessing the internet.

As for Naina's problem, that one's a bit more obscure. You could ask her to try ticking the "Use Legacy" box before scanning the code and see if that helps.

Edit: another possibility for Naina is that her session has expired. If she gets the error, ask her to refresh App Inventor to ensure her login on the website is current, and then try scanning the code again.

ok, thanks - I will run these down and get back

Hello Tom

If your students have access to smart phones, running the Companion on the phone could be the "get out of jail" opportunity.

A simple connection Test. Run aiStarter on the computer, then open this web page:

As detected by ABG, Naina's issue could be the .jpg file. I have a check list of things that can cause an App to fail to run or build:
https://www.professorcad.co.uk/appinventortips#TipsApk Cannot Build/Install/Run APK

How to ensure images are optimised for Android:

OK, thanks - I will try to track these down - hard to do because they are physically remote and we only get face to face once a week for a short time

But I will post any successes / failures here so everyone will be able to see what works

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