100% no-strings-attached icons?

I've done it in the past, but would hate to start creating my own icons again, with millions already out there, including those that come built-in with the Android OS and the SDK.

In fact, it makes sense to me that Google would encourage developers to use their latest icons for free so that the apps share a common look and feel. So, is it legal to use Google's icons in our App Inventor apps?

I just need 4-5 of them. I've spent days looking at various packs, but every time there is some catch with permissions to use, attributions,
shareware/freeware, open source, Creative Commons, etc.

I may sound cheap, but I just want 100% no strings attached and no
paperwork or IP issues to worry about.

What approach do others take?

Yes according to Frequently Asked Questions  |  Google Fonts  |  Google Developers all Google Fonts are open source and are without cost. The link explains the terms. :astonished:

Material Symbols and Icons - Google Fonts

Thanks, but I see a link to the Apache License page on top:

It seems one has to include this? But where in an AI app?

link corrected :cry: Try the new link. Please read what the Faqs say to get an explanation.

or you could use a Program like Paint to design your own.

Thanks, I'll be using these.
Who else is?

Probably millions......