10 buttons, play 10 video

I need help with the buttons. There will be 10 buttons in the application. When I click on the first button, the first video will play. When I click on the second button, the second video from the mobile will play. Each button starts a different video from the mobile.

You could make a dictionary and for each button (key) set video as value. Then you could use whrn any button click

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Please help. Photo attachment. The video is stored on the mobile - /storage/emulated/0/Movies/bus24_1.mp4

Try with full path:


does not work :frowning:

Android version ?

Android version 10

not helpful :rage:

Explain what does not work otherwise how can we help?

I have two buttons. I want to run movie1.mp4 with one and movie2.mp4 with the other.

I tried path:
file: ///storage/emulated/0/Movies/movie1.mp4

and still throws the table:

Are you testing with companion's latest version ?

Yes. The black statement is the same. (bus24_1.mp4 = movie2.mp4)

I used an old picture

Try this:

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