Zoomed in background image issue

I want to make an app with a background but It will zoom the background. I have seen about using a canvas to get the image to zoom but I need components on top. Is it possible to have an extension place the zoomed image on an arrangement so other components can go on top?

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What about using a webviewer to display the image?
For an example see here


The background image withing the screen section. I can't place components on top of a web viewer

You can have labels, textboxes, buttons etc
and below a webviewer which uses the rest of the screen


I need them on top sadly

I had found an extension that allows adding a gradient on an arraignment and I can place components on top which is what I want: [FREE / V-2.1] - Added Animation Handler Blocks - Animated Gradient Background/Animated Your Background

Thing is it's a gradient and I need an image but zoomed in so it doesn't look bad on devices

Put the image as a screen background ?

What do you mean by that?

If your meaning withing the screen1 section and it's background property image, I don't want that. It will scale the image to fit the screen and it will look horrible. I need it to zoom in. I'm looking into how to make an extension so I could make my own.

Depends on how you do it.....

There is also this:

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I'm trying to understand how to use it but I don't get it. Could you provide an .aia file of it working?

In fact, do you need an extension at all ?

overlayExample.aia (95.1 KB)

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Yeah I noticed you could do that. I don't think it's possible to do what I want. Thanks for the help anyway!

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