Yet another GPS+Bluetooth Permissions Question

I'm trying to understand the issue around permissions being granted for GPS and (original) Bluetooth. There's a load of historical and recent posts here about this, but none seem to answer my question.

I use both GPS and Bluetooth in an app. I'm building the apps to APK's and installing to a samsung S20FE each time. For testing, i clear the cache and data each time I trial a new code.

I think i've worked out that the GPS permission request always comes first, regardless of what permission request I put into the Screen1.initilize section.

The problem seems to be that the GPS permission process seems to wipe out any further requests for permission - i.e. the Bluetooth permission.

To get the bluetooth permission request to come up, I have to run the app for the first time and accept the GPS permission. I then need to close the app fully and then re-load it again to have the bluetooth permission request to come up. Once i've done that, the app works fine.

This just seems like an annoying way to run the app the first time.

I guess the real question is - is there a way to sensibly step through the permissions for both GPS and Bluetooth on the first load of the app, so that's all out of the way in a clear and concise way. If the user chooses, or accidentally denies permission, i'd like to be able to prompt them and remind that both GPS and Bluetooth need to be enabled to use the app.

Key code currently being:


I tried this, but it didn't seem to change the outcome:

Okay, so I've found this thread that it explains what's likely going on here.

I think @ewpatton has provided the best way forward for my purposes with this particular post:

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