Writing text line to GETASD1 folder

Can you explain to me what happens: my app must write a text in the BACKUPINDEX.txt file using the block I send.
In the first writing the text ends up in the folder:


In the second writing it goes to the up shown folder and in the following:


Both folders are in the app folder.

I'm not sure, if I understand the question...
Probably a misunderstanding of the difference between full path and relative path?

Are you talking here about a full path, which correctly would be starting with file:/// like this


See also Some basics on Android storage system

So your second path would be the same, it only is a relative path?


Anke, at the beginning the app creates the structure of the necessary folders and files (using GETASD) and the folders produced have the format indicated in the first path. I then need to access those folders to update them. If I use the writing RENABOLO/INDX/BACKUPINDEX.txt, as you suggest, the file will be found in the second path (in ASD immediately after /files). Maybe I'm wrong to create the structure that way?
The block shows a sample of how the app create the structure.

The File component uses (needs) a relative path. For FileScope = App relative to the ASD and for FileScope = Legacy or Share relative to the root dir of the external storage.

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I had already read your notes on the matter. But until you hit your head on it you don't understand it well. Thank you. (sorry computer translation)

Ok, so is your problem solved now? If so close the topic.

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