Wordle In A Day

@dora_paz Sorry to be a pest. Maybe i'm too stupid to try this tutorial. How do I put my file in the screen 2. It's in my media uploads.

No need to put in Screen 2, it was just an example to show you that you have to use File component :slight_smile:

@dora_paz Thank you. I got it. You're Awsome.


Hopefully this will be my last post here about this. Sorry for being a pest. I finished the entire project and when I used the emulator I got an error "Undefined variable. irritants: (yail/yail-dictionary)"

Does anyone know what this means? Is it fixable or did I do something wrong and wasted all my time?



Sounds like you are using IOS companion. Not all the list and none of the dictionary blocks work in iOS companion. If these are used anywhere in your project, then you will get this error.

You can probably workaround this by creating procedures to replicate the missing blocks, or simply switch to using an android device.

thank you. I am using the IOS Companion. Thank you.

Scanning through @ABG's blocks, you will have dictionary problems in setup_Keyboard and btn_Enter, and possibly with pick random item list

I'm about ready to give up. One more and I swear I'm done. I'm getting a error message about not accepting the argument of length of list. I included the error message and the blocks.

I swear I'm too stupid for this.



I had occasion to play this app outside the house, away from my WiFi, and I was reluctant to turn on mobile data.

To avoid using CloudDB for synchronizing all users to the same Word Of The Day, I switched from a central CloudDB based tag/value to a hashed lookup into word list, based on the current date, as counted from 1970 in days.

Here are the changed blocks, and a new export:
wordull_V2.aia (30.8 KB)

I sacrificed true randomness of the word choice for offline access.
The daily word choice still appears random because the word list as given has no obvious order to it, and no one cares enough about this to browse it to find the new word of the day based on the index of yesterday's word.