Willing to contribute for gsoc'23

Greeting everyone,
myself Digvijay Iam a second year BCA student,
willing to contribute to MIT and connect with
the community, I request any mentor to guide me through the process.

You could start by reading this.

Thank you Peter, i have got a few doubts may i know with whom shall i get it cleared ?

I assigned one of the developers to this topic. Maybe you can already post your doubts here.

Thank you, ya so i had doubt regarding what kind of app do i need to build and present in order to be eligible for gsoc as it was no stated in the above documents

I think you should get to know the possibilities of App Inventor and how the system works. So just go ahead and make something you could need in your personal life. That are always the best apps.

surely ill start working on learning the app inventor and create an useful Application with it,
once i have completed it shall i get back to this same thread regarding the proposal for gsoc 2023
and selection process?

Playing with App Inventor is always good just like reading all the documentation.

yeah already loving it , so shall i get back here only right ?

You are always welcome. Let's wait until @ewpatton responds to your request.

When you submit a PR to the open source repository I will assign it to an appropriate member of our team for review. We haven't started brainstorming the projects for next year, but you can take a look at the wiki pages on GitHub for previous years' project ideas to get a sense of the type of projects we think about for GSOC.

Glad to hear from you, as the projects haven't been setup for 2023 yet can i still make an app using app inventor and be eligible for gsoc via mit as the eligibility criteria involves making of an app using mit app inventor Or shall I come back when the projects are announced?

Yes, and meanwhile, you can..

Sure, just curious about one thing

Yes. The point of making the app is to help us understand your ability to understand how App Inventor works as well as how you think about problems. Previous GSOC participants also have contributed small patches to App Inventor in the lead up to GSOC as a way of demonstrating competency in the code base.


hey @ewpatton @Peter i have started working on making my app for the eligibility for gsoc , and im totally enjoying the mit app inventor and learning more things about it , will learn more in the upcoming time.


here are my proposals of GSOC 2021 and 2022 which will be helpful to you when you will write your own...

  1. 2021 Custom Font Typeface (accepted)
  1. 2022 3D components in App Inventor (accepted)


Will surely help,Thank you preet

hey peter ,reading and understanding how to create a component and property of component will be enough for the adding features type of gsoc projects?

I am just a Power User. The devs are responsible for the GSOC.

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