Why is the full screen size is smaller in app than the physical screen?

Thank you Anke.
It is better than that i made, but still not the one i would like. On the Lenovo it is looks good but on a small screen device the image distortion is bad.

Left: → Galaxy Note8, 6.3''. Right: → Galaxy S3, 4.3''

I don't see any difference.

I meant distortion according to Lenovo, where the screen fit in original size without scrolling. If you look the pictures above the buttons width to height rate is larger.
But never mind. Maybe i will accept this distortion or i redesign by percentage.
By the way, i made some percentage test and it is wierd for me that everything is related to the full screen size. If i split the screen to pieces with layouts i still have to use the full screen size to count the objects percentage in that layout. I dont know why is it founded this way, but very very wierd.

Anyway, thank you for your help.

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