WhatsAppTools Extension [Free & Open Source]

I did not try it, and before to do it, I would like to get that info, fundamental for me. What I mean is quite simple: when your SendMessage function is invoked, what does actually happen? Is the message sent right away with no further interaction or does WhatsApp window open and the user must eventually tap on send button? Maybe you already know that a typical problem about WhatsApp is no APIs are available, therefore message sending needs for WhatsApp to be launched and send action to be confirmed by user, just tapping on the relevant button.
Thank you, WaterMelonIceGaming, you have in the meanwhile confirmed my doubt, that was exactly what I needed to know. No worth to try.

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Up to you :innocent:

This is simply awesome, you must have done a lot of work to make this!


Thank you very much @aster :kissing_heart:

amigo si quiero enviar una imagen mas el mensaje a un numero especifico lo puedo hacer ???

I think you can use the link to send image to the number you want send

lo que pasa es que quiero que el usuario no tenga que elegir el numero si no que siempre se envia la imagen mas el texto a el numero +51212115154 ejemplo

I don't know what do you mean, you can PM me if you have a problem. Thank you

Its really good extension. What was actually needed and not in earlier other Whatsapp extensions. Thanks Salman. I found two issues, Hopefully it may be solved in upcomming version.

  1. It does not take navigation information to be send as in other extensions.
  2. It disables clock information to be send.
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Very Nice extension. It is not working with Whatsapp Business. Any reason?

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Hi @kvin100, Thank you very much :kissing_heart:

I think it should work with WhatsApp Business, have you tried it?

I have both Whatsapp Business and Whatsapp in the Mobile. It is taking only Whatsapp and not Whatsapp Business.

taking what, taking image?
how about if you PM me, so I can collaborate with you to solve your problem

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I used an MI phone. I have 4 Whatsapp in my phone. One Whatsapp and another with Dual App function. One Whatsapp Business and another with Dual App function. Whenever I choose to send files in the phone pops with the options like Whatsapp, Whatsapp business, BlueTooth, and other options. In the next step if I choose Whatsapp, that it will show a screen to choose the first Whatsapp or second Whatsapp. I made a Text Box and Typed a Message and Choose a Phone Number from the list. When I used ur extension to a Button to send, it pops us to choose only Whatsapp or Whatsapp dual and Whatsapp business is not getting listed. Hope you understand.


what do you mean by "selected" and how to select those numbers?

It is possibile to read all new incoming messages?

if you would like to accept a suggestion: merge the functions " Send Message V1" and " Send Message V2" people can just use one function and use a "join" for the country code

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I mean you have to select the contact first, then you can send message to the selected contact.

I don't think that's possible, but I'll try

I know that, so I'll update my aix later, and now I'm still busy so I hope you can wait for the latest updates. Thank you :kissing_heart:

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And how do you select the contact?

First, have you tried my extension? :face_with_monocle:

Second, if you have any problems or questions, please pm me. Thank you :pray:

great extension

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Thank you very much @Ekansh_Pandit_devs :grin: :+1:

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