What's happened to my data? SOS!

I posted my problem in the AI Help section a couple of days ago. Problem still unsolved, despite kind suggestions from helpers. As it's not really a programming matter, I thought my post should really belong here...

Going back to 2015/16 my AI apps always stored their simple text data (through TinyWebDB) at http://peekler.appspot.com

I could always examine and edit the data directly at that URL.

Now, all I get is an Internal Server Error 500 message when I try to access my stuff or run my apps - several years work! Surely it hasn't all disappeared and is still stashed away somewhere?

I've searched best way I can through various Google Cloud sections with no success (but I'm a complete novice at all that, so may have missed things out)

Could anyone out there please suggest steps I could take to find my data again?

With many thanks.

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