What can cause the application to close on start?

I have an app that randomly crash (close without error) on start on an Android10 device.
Sometimes it is start without problem, sometimes is is crash on start. It is start without problem on two other Android9 device. Is it something Android related or device related?
The 2 android9 device is a Samsung j330 and a Lenovo tab7. The android10 device is a Samsung Note 9 which is theoretically faster and have more resources than the 2 others.
Unfortunately i don't have more Android10 device at the moment to be able to test it.
I don't know if it is appropriate to ask others to help some test, but i cannot figure out other way if it is device or android specific, or maybe my Note 9 is a little defective or just it's time for an Android reinstall.
I can give a google drive link in case if there are someone who can test it on android10 devices. It is also wold be helpful (but little chance) if anyone can test it with a Samsung Note9 with Android10 and maybe with Android9 too.
Here is the link for the apk:
Dont have to push buttons or something else, just have to start the app sometimes if start or not. The starting time is about 15-18 sec. Lot of picture in assets.

Show your blocks.

use logcat to find out more about the issue


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.

AI2 has to work hard to reduce bloated pictures to fit into small image component pixel sizes.

Check your image dimensions.

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Anke, that pic is the 66% of the 1200 pixel width screen exported in 300dpi.
I tried with lower dpi pics, but the texts become "rough". If the AIA helps i send you in private. I dont want to make it public, it contains sensitive data.

ABG, Ok, i understand that, but on two other devices with android9 runs without problems. If those would crash too, i said: OK, something is definetly wrong, but they are doing fine.

Taifun, thanks, i will look into it, and try to use it it.

Still i'm waiting for some andoid10 test, though.
Thank you very much, all!

Images should have the resolution / dimension that is actually required in the app.