Webviewer does not load

When the WiFi does not work well the webviewer page does not load me, what can I do?

You data connection should take over if you do not have wifi. Do you have your device settings organised to work like this? It will load more slowly over data, especially for content heavy pages.

If you have a pretty good data connection, then the loading would not be much slow. If you don't have a data connection, then there is no option but to use wifi only.

I meant, when the page doesn't load it tells me "web page unavailable". How can I hide it?

Use some logic with the webviewer blocks available, if the page does not load, show another page of your choice, or set GoToUrl to a blank text block.


well, that was quite simple @David1 , all you need to do is that if your actual home URL is wikipedia.org , but it dos not load, then select the block @TIMAI2 sent and attach, a set webviewer1 .homeurl to- and then attach the text string block and type the URL, for e.g.- https://community.appinventor.mit.edu and you are good to go, or if you don't want that to happen, you can simply open another screen.

use either this -

or this-

(pls excuse the cross, it is because used same block in the same screen, make sure you don't get it)

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Arnav Tiwari
EYE Code

blocks (4)

Hides the error.

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Hello David

Does your App access your own website? How many pages are there? It may be possible to include them in the App itself, no internet required.

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Only one page, which loads images after several minutes. I show this image with the web viewer because I don't know what to use differently

Ok, simply put the image in the Media Draw of the Project and display it in an Image component.

Given how simple that is, I think you would save a lot of grey hair by doing the free MIT tutorials David. We can't teach you on the forum.


There are also some very nice books to try:


Can you show with the blocks ...? As a link can put someone at random

You will actually find methods for many things in the Tutorials I linked to David.

DisplayImage.aia (32.0 KB)

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Not that link - it will help you to learn how to program App Inventor with various examples including PDFs and videos. You can't run before you can walk.

Webview is perfectly fine but how can I download and upload the files in webview.
I have an application that is based on getting files but I cannot do by using webview so what should I do anyone helps me here ? Please


.... depends entirely on how the files to be downloaded are stored and accessed. For example you may be able to use the Web (not WebView) Block for downloading if you have a specific URL for the file.

Uploading has similar considerations. You can use an FTP extension if you have a specific URL (for both upload and download), but is the website yours or someone else's?

... or the Custom WebView extension might suit your needs better: