WebViewer and links inside web pages

I am writng a simple app using WebViewer until I navigate trough the web using AI2 buttons everything works, the problem arises when I click on a link inside a web page, in that case no WebViewer event fires. I need at least that BeforeLoad is fired, any idea why does not fire? If it is not possible any idea to implement in a different way or using a different coponent? My goal is passing user/password using basicAuthentication to download protected files from protected directories. Another general problem I have is that ErrorOccurred event do not fires always. Would does it fire in case of 404 or 401 error?

Make sure follow Links is checked in the designer or set this block


this allows links on the web page to be followed

You might try some of the other properties....

yes, I set it to true from the beginning. It follows the links but it do not fires any WebViewer event.

then perhaps try with:

well... I believe it is very stupid but... I am not able to use CustomWebView, it crashes just trying to navigate to any url (pressing teh button), this is my code:

Looks like you are not setup properly:


Thanks to your help I was able to play with CustomWebViewer and I made everything working except one point. In my weberver I have several directories containing multi media files (both video and audio files), I would like to play them directly on the CustomWebViewer or if not possible, with the right player (I would prefer to use the simple player I did using AI2). They are always links in web pages, they fire the event PageStarted but after a couple of seconds ERR_TOO_MANY_RETRIES is returned in the visible part of webviewer. So, I would like to intercept the error but seems it is not possible. Also the event DownloadNeeded is not fired. I think I have to find what event to intercept and then open the right player reading the multi media file extension.