WebView can not open private URL

the WebView in my application cannot open private url link and some others normal links, does someone have a solution please?

Show your relevant blocks and an example link.

What do you mean by a private url link ?

Sorry for the word "private", what is real is that my WebView does not open links defined on the home page from the designator, such as: https://epasseport.service-public.bj/.

Check this:


thanks for your reply, but it still doesn't open the link.

You can try with this:

The only reason I could think was that these links are specified to be opened in new tab.

If you decide to use CustomWebView then set SupportMultipleWindows property to false after making webview active.

If you mean the links on the above page, can you identify which ones?

If you are attempting to select files / upload files, then you will need an extension that supports this.

Help us to help you by providing more details, images etc.