WebPost not sending "e.parameter.row" to Google Apps Script

I have an App Inventor function that is not updating Google Sheets. I have placed a picture at filebin here: https://filebin.net/93f4khzv7ydo74xy

and this is the Google Apps Script to update the Google Sheet:

function doPost (e) {
		const sheet = SpreadsheetApp.openByUrl(SHEET_URL).getSheetByName(SHEET_NAME);
		const [header] = sheet.getRange('A1:1').getValues();
		const STATUS = header.indexOf('Status');
		var rowId = Number(e.parameter.row);
		sheet.getRange(rowId + 1, STATUS + 1).setValue('SMS Sent');
	return ContentService.createTextOutput('').setMimeType(ContentService.MimeType.TEXT);

What am I doing incorrectly? I hardcoded rowID in Google Apps Script and was able to get the Google Sheet to update with "SMS Sent" I am having trouble with "e.parameter.row".

See a nearly identical request here I need help plzz,how can i resolve this problem? and the probable 'solution'

Did you:

1 Open the script project
2 Go to Publish
3 Deploy as Web App
4 Project version: - select New from the dropdown
5 Execute the app as: your google account address (email)
6 Who has access to the app: Anyone, even anonymous
7 Press the Update button

You have to do this EVERY TIME you change your script

Yes, I did those steps each time.

Your link is not responding. Please post your images directly into the reply box as images.

OK. You still have something that needs to be adjusted. Unfortunately we don't know. We can not see your images as you posted them. Please do not use filebin; post in the community .

Are you using and modifying this tutorial https://www.labnol.org/send-sms-google-sheets-200402 or are you using a different model using sms with a google sheet? or doing something else?

It looks like you forgot some code

doPost = (e) => {
const sheet = SpreadsheetApp.openByUrl(SHEET_URL).getSheetByName(
const [header] = sheet.getRange('A1:1').getValues();
const STATUS = header.indexOf('Status');
var rowId = Number(e.parameter.row);

Changing that might fix your issue? Does it?