Web view app and file/camera/photo permission

I make an webview app with MIT App Inventor. It's working good. but when I click "brows" button from my webpage to upload any file from my Mobile Phone(file Manager/Camera), nothing appear.

the "brows" button a simple html code, from any web browser, it is working.
what should I do??
Do I need file permission etc, How do??plz.

try the custom webviewer



what do i do?
here i did, but not working..

  1. replace the webviewer by the custom webviewer
  2. initialize the custom webviewer correctly... how it is done, see the custom webviewer thread... it is answered there several times...

PS: as you were asking the same question in the other thread, which also is called "spamming ",I will close this thread... please respect the community rules...

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