Web Service for online quiz

Actually I have a documentation website as I added to the original topic which includes detailed information about AsteroidDB. These informations was long to put them in one topic, so I created this wiki.


Did you created the app with the link I provided? Or did you created an blank app?

You can’t retrieve data with Store block, replace them with GetValue block so you will able to access your data.

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i already used the get block…i tried to find out the problem…i revised some blocks and after that…i test my app …and this error occured

Can you test it by using another connection? Probably it is because of your connection.

You can also try replacing http:// with https:// (or replace https:// with http://) text in Database URL property.

Also seen here:


sir i already made online quiz app using asteroidDB…but i cant retrieve all data using get all block.i need it for monitoring purposes.it prompts that i need to set a password in order to use the feature…but i am confused about this…i already set a password… is this only what i should do??? i think it should have next step but what is it?? having a password, i know i need a field to put a text there in order test if it is matched with set password…

I added this feature to prevent data leaks and for security.

There is a Password property in the AsteroidDB blocks, enter your password which you set and add it under Screen1.Initialize (or any place where before calling AsteroidDB)

If you still have problems about AsteroidDB, you can PM me by clicking my profile and click “Message”.