VolumeEvents: Listen to volume change events

Hi vknow360,

here i loop over all 8 streams, fetching the volume, while i played music on my smartphone, so I was assuming, stream 3 would write a volume level into my log.
Below the loop, I said, if sztream 3 volume level is GT 10 (meaning, if sound is on anyway), i would like to have spoken output.

This all would just be a work-around: What I wanted to check originally: Whether the user has its smartphone to "silent mopde" (or "vibration only" mode). If so, do not give spoken output. But to check that seems to be quite impossible, I understood.

KR, Oli


Did you start the listener before executing the block? That's necessary.

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Gonna try it.

Hello. your plugin is spectacular, but I have a problem, the volume change is received even without any actual changes. I tried to put both value 3 and value 1 on streamType but the result doesn't change. The action triggered by the .volumeChanged trigger is performed randomly. can you help me?

I add that it detects a lot of volume changes when I press the key to open recent apps on Android (the last key on the right)

Can you please elaborate this a little more?
Also post the aia.

P.S. a different logic solved the issue.
com.sunny.VolumeEvents.aix (8.4 KB)
(this is not an update)

It does not work