Variable too big?


I have an app that contains a company's asset register. I want to put some long lists into the app. When working with the AI2 Companion the app works fine with a global variable of a CSV of 103,000 items. But this won't compile. I keep getting the message:
Server error: could not save one or more files. Please try again later!
If I reduce the CSV size it compiles fine, but I need 7 CSVs of similar length.
Any ideas...thanks

Place csv files on the server, next when you run the application for the first time, download files or just read text from them.

is csv file got from online or as a made in blocks

Hi @Woodtip

What about splitting values in multiple variables and merging them when needed?

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Thanks. There is no server. The app sends data only via CSVs in emails which are then processed by Power Automate.

The CSV is in the block: initialise Globa Variable.

Thanks, that would be my last resort... I was hoping there might be another way.

i think this is an excellent way

Sure, It will work but I'm trying to avoid keep splitting the source data and populating 510 variables with it every other week. If there's no other way then so be it. Thanks.

remember also u canuse google spreadsheet ,all data thr

You can wait for other replies.
As Java has a 64Kb limit while compilation but there is not any limit for runtime.

maybe try

That makes sense...I've split 1 of the CSVs into 15 x 60KB chunks and this complies fine. When I add a 16th though it fails.