Values from Arduino Uno temperature and gas sensors

I want a program to read to me the values ​​that come to me from the Arduino Uno and from the temperature and gas sensors
He sends me a notification of danger and sends a message on the app: We need more support
If the gas measurement increases more than 300
If the temperature exceeds 38
I also want it to send a notification to the application if the device remains running for 10 minutes and tell us that we are fine
Please help please

Welcome Hanan.

This discussion may help Hanan GAS SENSOR (my project is about gas sensor using arduino. but the problem is after i run the program it says "list index too large" so what should I do?) - #9 by Patryk_F


See Programming Your App to Make Decisions to learn how to handle conditional statements.

Hi, @Hanan_Blan no need to keep posting the same question over again. @SteveJG gave you a good starting point to develop your application.

This community does not work like this: you write what you need and someone here builds an application for you... you have to try to do it yourself... you have the basic Arduino code and AI2 blocks... try to expand it yourself, adapting it to your needs needs.

Also, if you came to make an application, I guess your Arduino device is ready to go and programmed. So show us the Arduino code.