V1.0.4 Exoplayer for AppInventor | Play media with Google's Exoplayer


A better free video player such as Google’s Exoplayer has always been missing from AppInventor based platforms. But now its here and its free and open source.


Exoplayer UI : View Docs
Exoplayer Core : View Docs

Player Design

Simple Player

Styled Player View


You can view files seprately here :

Exoplayer Core : Aix (Github)
Exoplayer UI : Aix (Github)
Aia File : View On Github

Note : You need to upload icon files with the exact names as of the icons given in this zip :

Download necessary files here (zip) :

Exoplayer Bundle (Google Drive)

Open Source

I have made this project open-soure so other developers can benefit from it and make contributions. This initial release is a gateway to whole new opportuinities. A lot of cool and awesome stuff is coming and I would really love to see your contributions to it as well. Make sure to star the repo.

Exoplayer UI

The UI library that is being used in the extension is also open source. You can create your own custom user interfaces using this module.

Become a Supporter

I mostly publish my work for free because I understand that mostly users are students and they can't pay. So I don't get any amount for my work. But like everyone, I also need money for living. You can become a supporter to help me keep sharing new extensions and other stuff for free. Your support will help me to fulfill my dreams.

Fix Common Issues


Fix Common Issues

1- Player won't work after screen off or app is minimized

You can easily fix this issue by using the blocks given below :

2- How to add subtitles

Add a new media item to playlist. You can use this block to add multiple media items which are then managed by the player in the form of playlist. For subtitles, you need to pass in a list of subtitles. Below is a detailed guide for adding subtitles.

To add subtitles there are two ways :

Dictionary Block

You can pass a list of subtitles by using dictionary blocks.
Here only two parameters are required :
1- path
2- mime_type

And the rest of the parameters are optional and you can skip them.

JSON String

Available Selection Flags For Subtitles



This blocks not working for me! What is the problem?


Thanks. But, player won't work after screen off or app is minimized still...

Lets see if @ZainUlHassan knows why.

I hope so... Thank you.

"OnAppResume" block does not work when the screen is turned off or the application is minimized; it only allows the player to pick up where it left off when the screen is reopened or the app is maximized again from the minimized state.

There must be another solution to this issue.

.... but that is the intent of that Block. Can you give a step-by-step description of your actions where the Block would not eventually apply but you want the music player to resume?

I want the player never to turn off even when the screen is off.

... so you actually need another extension, but it may not be compatible with the Exoplayer extension - test this:

I will try this at the first opportunity. Thank you so much.

What are you trying to achieve?

Hi, i would like to know if Exoplayer is able to play 3d videos with split screen for virtual reality

I need help!
If I add a live channel then I can add subtitles to it but when I try to put a movie or series with subtitles it doesn't work

hey is it possible to customize the audio subtitle and video quality view ? i means add custom view in there ?

please add cache and video resize button.