Using two o more listViews, how to sync all of then when one of the listview is scrolled up or down?

Hi all.

I need your help, I am trying to make a list/table with data from external database (i am using Redis DB), every tag got several field as User, Date, Cost, Details (there are 6 fields).
In order to show all information saved on DB as table in APP, when APP retrieve data, it loads each field on a List view, as there are 6 fields per TAG, there is a Listview per field.
The list is made, APP can sort each field in ascending or descending order, and all listView are re-order just to keep the data table consistency.

Now I having an issue, Table is made using 6 ListView, it can be sorted using any field, the ListView is remade according to sort criteria used....but if scroll one listview, the table lost visual constance....please see the picture below in roder to see what i am trying to explain....

Those pictures are just one example....
this picture has just 2 view list, each ListView have 12 elements (1 to 12)

here, one ListView was scrolled...and as can see the table made by 2 ListView is not correct, 3 is not with three, 5 is not with five..etc.

is there any way to do that? (when I scroll one ListView, other should be scrolled too, so table will be always consistent)

any comment, any idea, any recommendation is welcome.
Br Alfredo

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  1. Have you considered trying the TableView extension by @Ken. This helps to overcome such things

  2. You can synchronise your listviews, as long as each row in every listview is the same height. See this demo app in the gallery: In essence (if I remember correctly)you place all your listviews inside a horizontal arrangement, inside a vertical scrolling arrangement, but set the height of your listviews to something far greater than your lists). Also see here for managing that part programatically: * Automatically Expand Listview Height in Scrolling Arrangement

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thanks a lot for your quickly answer...

I will check your recommendations, I will keep this thread open, ok? just for any new help from you...
Is it fine your you?


Fine by me :wink:

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Hi Alfredo

It's also possible to build an HTML table, displayed and scrolled by a WebView component (internet not required).

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Here is a blocks-only solution, using a Canvas as a scroll bar...

It's a known bug:

Various fixes for the ListView component are being tested on the App Inventor Test Site.


Please don't hijack unrelated topics like this, use the other topic which is about the bug/fix for the listview (you asked there too!)

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