User to create multiple geofence

Want to all user to create geofence to track his associates with stay in total time logs in geofence and change same after completion of no of task. would it be possible and please suggest the possible program of ref.

Certainly it is possible (the app would be complex) What have YOU tried?

What type of geofence? Users use circular geofences, rectangular geofences and / or calculate distance to a coordinates to determine whether a device is within a particular geofence. See Search results for 'geofence' - MIT App Inventor Community which has 23 discussions about the topic. Take your pick. :astonished:

Use a Clock and a CloudDB or FirebaseDB or a spreadscheet as a database to post when entered the geofence and when exited. Use the Math blocks and Clock to determine duration within the geofence.

Examples of tracking multiple users (but not all the things you hope to achieve):

to name a few.

Thanks @SteveJG .
I studied above file. please suggest about what am trying addon.
Am trying to use ASIN(SQRT((SIN(....for distance calculation. In which user will select multiple location latitude and longitude and set the distance to fence which can be tracked with distance calculation live location. so the fence they can chose from 20 to 60 mtr....
i hope this will work with above social distancing type. and to calculate stay in time am still trying.
Please suggest.

The tutorial app uses the distance calculation used with Marker.DistanceToFeature. You could use a great circle algorithm instead.

The app uses a distance calculation to determine how far away a Marker is from another. To use a similar way you need a Clock to continually monitor the distance and use If then logic to determine whether the Android device is

A better way would be to use a Circular Ring fence Location sensor (ringed fence / circular ringed fence) - #2 by SteveJG to determine whether the device is within or outside of the circle. Change the radius of the circle to choose between 20 or 60 meters or in between.

You will need a simple database to log the duration of the device within the ring fence.

You have a lot of coding ahead of you. :slight_smile:

@SteveJG , Thanks for details. it's really helpful. And yes, lots of coding... :grin: