(Use the SpeechRecognizer to command ) Color on smartphone

How can I choose a different colors one after the other without pressing the screen every time , in other words , once pressed you choose which color you want until you press again to stop

you could try a color picker extension...
just do a search for color picker in the extensions directory


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@Erwin_Meyvaert This model of using commands with the SpeechRecognizer to change a Screen's background color works using a Clock. It is similar to what you are attempting but with a few small differences.

Try it. Is it what you want to do? It will change a color and not change a color until you speak again at the price of the audible prompt to say something again to stop it or change another color.SpeechRecognizerChangeBackgroundColor.aia (3.5 KB)

Thank you , that is about what I want , only there has to be a button to start and when you say stop the entire program stops , is this possible Thanks in advance

Glad this works for you Eerwin. Yes, you can have a Button to start. Already the app is coded to STOP when the user says stop. Just say 'stop'.

For the Button to start (restart), use Clock1.TimerEnabled to true in the Click event handler. There are other ways to do that too.:slight_smile: You can not have the recognizer start when the app starts by graying out the Clock.TimerEnabled in the Screen1.Initialize event handler. Perhaps that is what you want to do?

Experiment with some code. You should be able to code this. If you have issues, show your Blocks and ask again. Someone will certainly provide advice.

Hai ,
I did something wrong , I opened my newly created apk file with chrome and now my pc screen flickers , I don't know with which extension I can put this back
I pointed to chrome when he asked me which prog do I want to open the apk file with
Who can help me, I was doing so well

Why did you attempt to do that? You might get things back to normal on you PC by turning it off and restarting.

With respect to creating an apk from an aia; why did you not use the QR code to load the app into your Android using its bar code scanner?

QR code

Mea culpa mea maxima culpa I know , but I pressed App(save apk to my computer) and a screen appeared with open with chrome and instead of deleted I pressed yes
I have now changed the extension to notepad and it works

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