Uploading photos via an internet form does not work via the app's "WebViewer"

I created a form using the JotForm platform and placed this form in my app using the WebViewer feature. I was able to fill out the form fields normally in the application, except the field for uploading images - when I clicked the button to search for files on my phone, nothing happened, and I didn't open the photo gallery to select them. How can I solve this?

Are there other ways to create a form with the option to upload photos?

I never used JotForm.
(Edit: this doen't works because, as @TIMAI2 explained it webViewer can't access the device file system: Maybe it works if you use a google form?)
I don't know why that error happens, but you can try it. Also, you can try the Custom Web Viewer extension

The built-in webviewer in App Inventor is not connected to the android file system.

As suggested by @GuiM_Haes try the custom webviewer extension, that may work for you.

Alternatively, use the web component to upload files.

A Post block should work, but you can't display it in a web form. You need to create an in-app form for using it, and submitting the data to a website through the Post block. But by using that, the JotForm can't be used

I'm trying to use the extension but it's not working when I use AI Companion, the page is empty. Am I doing something wrong?

For that, ask @vknow360

Can you show all the blocks?
How many screens has your app?
Remember to use The OtherScreenClosed event if you are returning to screen1 from screen2!

Try this and you will see your page


Solution given here