Upload Image to Google Drive

File Not Found Error when trying to convert
64 base String Please check my project attachment

quarantineV1 (1).aia (110.5 KB)

Hello Dishan

Welcome to the forum. Where did you get the "Camera After Picture" code from? You cannot save the Canvas as a file in TinyDB.

Looks like file path issues to me. You may need to supply full or absolute paths to your saved image for the extension.

That method actually returns an absolute path to saved image.

Probably @dishan_piyasiri need to remove file:// from path.
However this topic should be in MIT App Inventor Help category.

I didn't know that :thinking: More a party trick than a method though. I think the Camera function should be able to do more - requested, you never know.

File Save but not upload

Removed But Not Work

Hi @dishan_piyasiri,

Did you manage to upload the image file to google drive. I will need help with the code. I am trying to do similar for my project wherein after taking a picture on the app, the file actually gets uploaded in google drive.

Kindly help

See here:

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