Upload files to GDrive followed by a link of the uploaded file in Google sheet

These should be draggable blocks, you can just drag an drop onto your blocks editor.

Add this block

Change sendPic procedure to this block

These return a base64 string from the image.Picture selected

I had trouble using the longClick button, components jumping about on screen when button pressed, this might be causing a problem.

@TIMAI2 it works fine. thank you for having the time to help with tackling issues and sharing your knowledge with others.
Sincere thanks

Pleased you got there in the end :slight_smile:

@TIMAI2, for info I got an issue with android 6 on my tablet, saying that is a bad arguments to > the operation >cannot accept the arguments:,["6.0.1"],[9]

Don't you just love Android version numbering.

I believe Android 6.0.1 was an exception to the rule. You will need to capture this and use a condition other than less than/greater than 9.

Something like this: (draggable)

[ edit: image removed because better solution below]

Actually, better,... test for the API number using a block from the base64 extension

( I spotted a 4.0.3 and 4.4W android version as well, oddly no 6.0.1 in the list I found)

Hello @TIMAI2, sincere apologies for the lateness. I modified the blocks and the picture are uploaded like a charm.

1 question: can I still use the modified block as it is or should I make more modifications? as the blocks are for testing the API

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