Upload file to web with webviewer component not working

I want to upload a simple jpeg or png file into my website through webviewer. But the upload button is unclickable. Normally using browser it will prompt file explorer. Thanks.

The in-build WebViewer can not open choose-file dialog.
try with CustomWebview extension

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Hi sir...i already try with CustomWebview extension : CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer .

This one right ?

Have tried this way ...?

I test ya..thanks

Also don't forget to set custom webview allow file access to true

I want to upload picture from my android phone to webpage(my hosting area). all ok But my web page's brows button(this is not app button) is not working, plz suggest me.
here my blocks.

Please create a WebView and make it active before executing any method.

Ok, I did it. and thanks for your response.