Unable to find data file

I am new to APP Inventor. I am just trying to write a text "Test" "to "/sdcard/OHW_Tools/MyFile.txt". Additional code is there to check if the data was written and the program does confirm that data has been written. However I can not find file "/sdcard/OHW_Tools/MyFile.txt".


This may help you, All In One - a complet guide abt storage

and, this may as well - File Component

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  1. FileScope = App:
    The fileName is redirected to the ASD
    (/sdcard/fileName.txt is saved in the sub-folder /sdcard/ in the ASD)

  2. FileScope = Legacy / Shared:
    The fileName must be a relative path to one of these Shared folders (on Android 11+):
    /Download or /Documents
    (Note: You must set DefaultFileScope = Legacy in the Designer, because the File component incorrectly requests WRITE permission also on Android 11+.

The issues (bugs) with the File component has been discussed intensively and extensively in the last months / year. (Search the forum.)

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