Unable to build apk!

It’s been 1h I’m looking for a solution for my problem : I can’t build my apk file and I don’t know why ! Here is the message I have :

And also this pop-up that appeared during 1 frame :

please help me to solve this problem, that will really help me :blush:

thank you very much

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Hello Mat99

The two most common causes are oversized images and/or oversized App Icon. The images should be very close to their final size and using only the bit level necessary. The icon must be 96 x 96 pixels, png format. See my list of things here:
https://www.professorcad.co.uk/appinventortips#TipsImages Images
https://www.professorcad.co.uk/appinventortips#TipsApk Cannot Build/Install/Run APK

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Reload the browser and try again ...

If that doesn't help:
Does the app use any extensions? If yes, which?
Otherwise post the aia or send it via PM.

Regarding the launcher icon see here:

Thanks for your replies !
I don’t have any app icon and I just removed all the pictures but nothing changed…
Also something that is very weird : I have a checkpoint of this project that was fully operational and now it is unable to compile too ! I didn’t make any change of this one ! This is very strange :thinking:

Are you able to create an APK with an empty project (or e.g. with just one button)?

Yes, I can even build APK of projects I made before. I’m actually removing elements one by one and trying to compile each time but this is senseless, I have now less elements than the last time I was able build apk :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think the problem comes probably from my ai2 session or account. Is there a memory limit ? Like a maximum number of projects ?

I just tried to export .aia file then import it to an other account… same problem :exploding_head:

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As I said, post the aia or send it via PM.

So could be something that has changed in the latest version of App Inventor. Sometimes App Inventor gets ahead of one or two extensions, so if your App is using any extensions, make sure you have the most up to date versions. If that is not the area of concern, you are lucky that Anke has found the time to study the whole project - don't miss out on that offer.

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MatWebServer_Checkpoint2_copy.aia (201.6 KB)

Here is the project. Be careful, the Appinventor preview is very different than the real result :

You have a project in a project:

I know this issue from Kodular and can fix it ... wait ...

Here you go: MatWebServer_Checkpoint2.aia (180.4 KB)

Thank you so much, you are my savior :star_struck: I really appreciate it !
So the fact that I had a project in an other one maybe has happened when I created the checkpoint :thinking: I better save each upgrade locally on my computer.

Well, thank you very much again, I was stuck in my last exam, you spared me so much time :grin:.

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Btw, what about this extension:


It seems that it is not used in your app. If so, remove it.
And please close this thread by clicking on solution.

This was for testing this extension I found. Didn’t try it yet.

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