Turning website into a app

hi everyone i'm turning my website into an app?
and basically i want to know the width and height of a mobile device
meaning so everyone can my website on a device?

could anyone help

i currently have height 800px width 400px

also i have my blocks like this

You can show Screen.Width on a label to see the value. On my phone it is 360. the unit is not px.

ok is it percent?

No. It's in DP.

To convert DP to pixels, use the GetMetrics extension.

rite ta how much dp would i need

Build a responsive website, then it will also fit mobile screens in a webviewer.

i have a responsive website that's what i'm trying to do
i'm trying to have my responsive website as n app here

coolvibes responsive site

You may want to see here:


no! i like drag n drop i like webplus

It is about how to make your website properly responsive, doesn't matter what framework you use....

im just asking for help not for someone to tell
me how to build my site

I will leave you to it then :slight_smile:


If your site is responsive, just set WebViewer width and height to fill parent in designer view. Done.

great and positive response :slight_smile: thank you, rite
what would you suggest width and height wise?

You already have the answer.


i've got this

@Kevinkun Kevinkun is this ok

Wow. :man_facepalming: