Translating multiple text boxes and buttons

Do I have to initialize all of the global variables each time I use the translate everything code?

What would happen if you didn't?

I did not try. What is interesting is that I am not able to get any of variables to display in the definition of the setText and getText procedures. It just does not seem as though I can initiate a call of the translation functions with screen initialization. I created a list picker to just see if it would replicate what was done on the first screen but nothing. This one really has me scratching my head. I've attached my blocks for the start. I have not finished all of them.

For a new screen, you must copy all the parts I supplied, and replace the component references in the global init.

Arrangements are less work.

Understand that I need to supply everything and replace the components. When I am constructing the procedure to getText and setText I don't get the variables of type and component.

You need to learn about procedure parameters .
in the free book at
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Do you know any tutorial on how to do this?

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