Too much pictures

I want to make a game in which I upload all countries of the world as png in 5 different colors. There are approx. 1000 files with only 1kB each, so that I do not exceed the 5mB of the AppInventor2 maximum size.
Now I get the error message:
Reflecting exception for userid 116525354425060981481 projectId 6573853068886016, original exception java.lang.RuntimeException:$1@471a924d: Unexpected cause of ExecutionException.

Is there another possibility (possibly with an example) how I can use a lot of pictures in a game?

best regards

It will take you ages to upload each image one at a time!

Here is an alternative:

Or download the images on first run:

Hi, thanks for help.
I actually work with APK Editor Studio. My App is only 3MB.
After APK Editor round about 200MB.
I think the problem ist not the 5mB limit. The problem is to many files.
I try your hint with the first run and see what happend…

Sorry, is it possible to get a aia from download the image on first run?
Thanks for your help


Please explain what you mean ?

Also, the tutorial was really just to show how you could insert many files into your app at once!

The last point will surely work for you too. All my apps are created this way.
Some of my apps contain more than 500 audio files, images, ... in the assets.

See also here: