Title of app and icon for app dissapead from designer view

The Designer view changed yesterday. Now there's no part of icon and name for app. Help me, please. All my new apps have no icon and I can't give my name for them. Sorry for my bad English. I work in Android.

(Canned Reply: ABG - Project Properties

Thank you very much for quick answer. It works.
Will you be so kind to tell me about icon of my new application. Where is the place to load it into my project.

Canned Response ABG - Project Properties

Project Properties
Project Properties2

The Media folder in the Designer.
Keep the icon small.

It works!! I was crying yesterday when I lost this property. And now I am so happy. Really you are my angel. Many many thanks!!

NO Icon parameter!.. Why?

Yes I found it now thanks....but is changed? before was togheter with the other proprties

Changed in latest release a few days ago

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