TinyDb pre-fill

I have an idea for using TinyDb in an App, but before I start coding I want to make sure that it is possible to do what I want.
I want to create several “tags” and fill them with data, but I need the data to then stay in the database whenever the app code is changed and rebuilt. The app itself will only ever READ from the TinyDb. There will be no option to WRITE new data.
Is this possible?

You can copy all the TinyDB data to an SdCard file and when you change or reinstall the app, the TinyDB reads the data from that file.

… Or Users could download the data as a one-off requirement after installing the App.

I like the idea of the user downloading the data after an install.
Unfortunately, I wouldn’t even know where to start setting that up.
The reason I wanted to use the TinyDb was to allow the user to choose between English or Spanish language. I was going to fill the TinyDb with all the label names for my app.
Any help in achieving this would be appreciated.

See FAQ Section: Internationalization

you also could have your texts for the different labels in a textfile for each language and store them as assets in your app, then on first run read the text file of the language you need and assign it to the labels...
there also is a extension which might be helpful I18n - Localization Extension by Red Panda (What means I18n?)
for the extensions directory see also App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps


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