Tinydb location

Where would one find the tinyDB on a device?

please read this

I have read that passage already. It doesn't say where to find it.
I updated an app I use, and lost two months of accumulated data. I am trying to figure how, and why, and then a way to prevent losing data again.

This may help you:

Thanks TIMA12, I downloaded that .aia, installed, compiled and ran it. I am not that technically inclined and was unhelped by that solution, sorry to say. I followed what I thought might be the path to the .xml files from the app, but I I do not have the path on any device.
I am guessing that the tinyDB.xml files are well hidden from sight?

You will have to root your phone to access internal storage and its contents.

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Thanks. I will look into that. Still trying to figure out why data would be lost