TinyDB - adding Data to the same Database with time and Date

Hi ya all ,

as english is not my first language , i'll try to explain , what the problem is :zipper_mouth_face:

i'm a bloody Beginner , but managed to get a value from an Input Field and store it in TinyDB
(learning by doing :slight_smile: )

First of all , i want to store the Actual Time & Date in TinyDB with the Value inputed.
(in my case , the word CAR1 will be written in the Tag "Spedition" and stored in the Database)

Now , i want to have time an date added to the Value "CAR1"
(Output should look like this : Car 1 entered our premises @time and date)

Well , next problem appears : There'll be much more than 1 Car entering.....
Is there a chance to store more than 1 entry within the "Spedition" Database ?

Later on , i wanna try to add a search option , where i maybe can enter the Date as Search Criteria.....

I hope there's anyone , which may can help !


So you want details in two tags ..

That is, data to be added to one tag and in another tag the time and date at which the data is added

Am I right?

TinyDB is usefull to store simple data, your example shows me, that you like to store more complex data and also like to search/filter that data later...

for an experienced user I would recommend to use the local sqlite database, which is accessible via extensions for example App Inventor Extensions: SQlite | Pura Vida Apps

as you are a beginner, you probably like to start with a spreadsheet?


Thanks for your answers !

yes , i was reading an article a few minutes ago , that i need to have mysql for my purposes....