Timepicker, Datepicker ESP32 via WiFi

Hello to the community,

unfortunately I have not found much on the Internet about it.

I would like to send a time selection (from to), as well as weekdays ( Monday, Tuesday,... Sunday) to the Esp32. Then I would like to send this information from the ESP32 to the Arduino via Uart.
I have already managed to call the Ip/XX via a button and programmed the Esp32 so that it gets a signal via this Ip address.
But how I can transfer days and times, I have not figured out yet. Can someone help me?

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The AI2 Clock component in the Sensors drawer has a powerful FormatDateTime block that can build you a text string including all those items. Be sure to follow the help link to the format items page, and pay attention to upper/lower case on your format items.



Thank you very much for your answer. (I apologize because I am still absolutely new to the topic arduino and App inventor
I still do not quite understand how I can send a time, or a time difference, example, 13:45-14:45 (1 hour) to the Esp32? Then the Esp32 should send this information to the Arduino via Uart.

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Here is a sample ESP32 project, from this board, found using the search facility looking for esp32 ...

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