Time format conversion HH:mm:ss,00 to millis

Hello everibody. I have an issue with time format I hope someone can help me. I have a stopwatch and I would like to perform some calculation on misured time with respect to reference time. Misured time is in millis while reference time is in this format: "hh:mm:ss,00". Thanks to Anke for her extension that is useful to transform millis, but it is possible also the reverse process? If I can convert reference time "hh:mm:ss,00" to millis I can perform calculation and then I can convert the number again.
Thank You for your help

From the example of your PM:
"something like this: 12.550 --> 00:00:12,55"

thanks anke but that was solved....my need Is:
00:00:01,50 --> 1500
exactly the opposite

If I understand your original question correctly these Sensors > Clock blocks may help you convert to/from millis

This thread regarding millis and timezones may be relevant to you:


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thanks a lot It works.....i don't know if Is correct wgat i'm going ti ho for calculation (convert in millis do calculation and convert again) or if It Is possibile do calculation directly on format hh.mm.ss but in any case with this work-around i can do what i Need. thanks again!

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