The Pedometer control does not yet work with the ios version of App Inventor

So, it this supposed to work? I tried making very large steps, but the content of Label1 doesn't change at all for me.

I'm not saying it "worked" per se, but more that as I walked up stairs, etc. it seemed to register steps on my iPhone X running iOS 15.6.1 and companion version 2.64.

I believe that the behavior is still wrong because I could take many steps before it even registered a single step in the Pedometer.

My working theory is that the original Android code is specified in terms of m/s^2 but the iOS API actually returns units in terms of g. Mathematically, I think the algorithms are equivalent but it's possible that one or more of the computations isn't accounting for g = 9.81 m/s^2, which might explain why the algorithm is so restrictive on the iOS side...

Edit: For clarity, I generated 6 steps total walking around my house.

Ok. It registered 2 steps when I went upstairs (18 real steps, about 2.7m as total vertical distance). It didn't register any step instead when I went back downstairs.

Yep, that seems to match my experience. I think we may need to adjust on iOS for the fact that the motion APIs report in g's rather than m/s^2...