"The blocks area did not load properly."

I looked through all of the same errors in the other posts but none has resolved my issue.

  • I keep getting this error when I load the app; I created a checkpoint and removed extensions but that did not relieve the error.
  • It only happens with this project.
  • It started doing this just two days ago, the day before when I was working on it it saved just fine.
  • I also noticed this null block in the editor of the "Profile" screen:
    Screenshot from 2023-08-30 15-42-55
  • I am using the code.appinventor.mit.edu editor.

Hi Tyler - I'll take a look.

Do you see this error message on loading the Project?


You have eight extensions stored in the Project, spread across four screens - is that right?

So as per the error message you posted, only Screen: Profile has a Blocks error, and that's the Screen that uses the FilePicker extension mentioned in the error message.

Right - App Inventor does not like the FilePicker Extension, it's been a struggle to remove all traces.

The attached Project file, 'BlockCoin2' has been cleaned. I have created a new Screen 'Profile2' and partially re-built the GUI by copy-paste from Screen 'Profile'. There are so many tiny components (not well named!) it is difficult to pick them all out, but that's your job! As soon as you have picked the other missing GUI components (or modified Screen 'Profile2' with new components), delete Screen 'Profile'.

I recommend that you do not use the FilePicker extension for now. The extension developer will hopefully be able to help.

BlockCoin2.aia (1.4 MB)



Hmm the extension is 'old' - it hasn't been updated since 2021 and a lot has changed in Android and App Inventor since then.

See also



I had never gotten that error.

Thank you for rebuilding the app, I will try it out this afternoon.

Is there a different file picker extension/activity starter command I can use instead?

There is one built-in to App Inventor, next release, which is imminent.

the new file picker component already is there... you can find it in the Media drawer...



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@ChrisWard I get the following error with your aia:
I assume this due to me using the code.appinventor.mit.edu page. It does load and work nonetheless. Thank you.
Also, can you take down the aia you shared? This is sort of a private project; I'd posted my aia in case someone needed it for a diagnosis.

I do not see the component, though again I assume this is because I am using the code.appinventor.mit.edu page.

Yes exactly
It looks like that server has not been updated


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