The application stopped running

Hello. The application editor does not show errors. It used to work fine. Now it stops when opening. It doesn't work in the emulator. I don't understand anything, I don't seem to h
Recording_angle_meter_2.aia (604.2 KB)
ave changed anything.

To find out more about the runtime error use logcat


It doesn't crash or close on me (tested companion on Android 13), but you are trying to save a file to /storage/emulated/0 which is no longer possible.

Have you updated your companion app to the latest version: 2.66 or 2.66u ?

Which Android version are you testing on?
On Android 11+ you can no longer save in the root directory of the external stoarge. You must use one of the Shared folders (/Documents or /Download) or the ASD.

I have MIT App Inventor 2 companion version 2.66.
Should the program change the write path to say /storage/emulated/0/Documents?
But how to do it? There is a Document1 in the objects, which does not allow you to edit its properties.

Android 4.4.2 is installed on my device.

Show the relevant blocks.