The app can't be built

제가 앱 인벤터로 앱을 완성하고 APK로 빌드해 휴대전화에 설치했을 때 설치가 안되어 AAB로 빌드해봤지만 경고 문구가 뜨며 오류가 났습니다. 그래서 빌드도 안되고 설치도 안됩니다. 왜 이러죠? 그 앱은 별다른 오류도 없었고 캠퍼니언으로 테스트를 했을 때도 오류가 안 났습니다.
When I completed the app with the app inventory and built it with APK and installed it on my mobile phone, I tried to build it with AAB because it couldn't be installed, but there was an error with a warning message. So it can't be built or installed. What's wrong with this? There was no error in the app, and there was no error when I tested it on Companion.

Hello 맹선우

AAPT2 is the Android Asset Packaging Tool, and it is complaining about a link failing. This could be that your App or an extension has a file (image) missing, an image that's too large, a corrupt file, something like that - the link merges the files into a single package.

See also my check-list of things to look out for: Cannot Build/Install/Run APK.

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저는 프로젝스에서 별다른 문제점을 찾지 못했습니다.
아무래도 앱을 다시 만들어야 할 것 같습니다. :frowning:
I haven't found any issues with the project.
I guess I'll have to re-create the app. :frowning:

If you wish you can post it here so someone can check it. Download aia and upload it here

This app is made in Korean, so it may be difficult to check, but I will upload it anyway.
QR_Code_Scanner.aia - Google Drive
This is the link to download the AIA file. Please take a look and let me know the solution.

Upload the aia:



You can download it by clicking on the link.

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Well in that case make the link public, without the request for access


QR_Code_Scanner.aia (127.8 KB)
I uploaded file

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Remove the BarcodeScanner component and the AAB will be created as well.
Replace it with an extension.

This is a bug. @ewpatton
The AAB is also not created for an empty app into which only this component has been dragged.


Oh no... I need this component.
Is there any other component to replace this component?

Try if this works for you. QR_Code_Scanner2.aia (819.6 KB)


I also Have same issue, before nb188 release app was build in aab format. but after release of nb 188 same app can not be built. TT_KhatriMV.aia (1.1 MB)
please help me

Well you also have BarcodeScanner component

as a workaround try the extension in previous post.

Or try this one TT_KhatriMV2.aia (1.8 MB)

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Thanks!!!! Thanks to Boban, I can build apps. :grinning:

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Thank You so much

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Interesting. I will take a look. There's no immediately obvious reason to me why this should be failing...


I have figured out the issue here and I'm working on a fix.

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